About Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law

At Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law, we take a human approach to the law. We view our clients as people, not faceless entities — and we tailor our practice to the unique needs of our clients.

Established in 1991 by Ellis Stern and Alan N. Goldberg, Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law is a law firm with roots dating back several decades. As an outgrowth of a prior firm founded in 1951, Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law is an embodiment of long-standing associations between its partners, many of its clients and much of its staff.

Our client list includes a number of sizable business clients who had been represented by Mr. Stern and/or Mr. Goldberg for many years prior to the establishment of the firm Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law. Over the years as they have grown and developed, these clients have remained loyal to the partners and ultimately to the firm.

Individual Attention From Your Lawyer

Small by design, the firm is dedicated to providing personalized service while maximizing its use of space and personnel. By controlling overhead and streamlining our operations, Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law is able to provide quality legal services at reasonable fees. Free from the politics inherent in larger firms, this firm is not burdened by ranks of attorneys who function only to oversee other attorneys and bill the clients accordingly. Our clients are not saddled with charges for costly duplication of efforts.

There is no delegating of client work through many tiers of associates. The attorney the client retains, and develops a personal relationship with, is the attorney who actually performs the client’s work. Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law does not view client billing as a vehicle to finance a training program for inexperienced attorneys.

A prompt response to client needs and concerns is another of our fundamental policies. Our attorneys complete our clients’ work in a timely manner.

Experienced Legal Support From Lawyers You Can Trust

Ellis Stern and Alan N. Goldberg founded Stern & Goldberg Attorneys at Law in 1991. Mr. Stern and Mr. Goldberg were both partners in a former firm that dated back to the 1950’s.

To see how we can assist your business, contact us online or call us at 818-758-3940 to schedule an initial consultation in our Encino, California, office.